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Naturopath Warrnambool
Hider Health & Vitality is a Natural Health Clinic in Warrnambool  
Specialising in women's & family health

Sarah Porter

Sarah Porter is a fully qualified Naturopath & Herbalist and is the founder of Hider Health & Vitality in Warrnambol. 


Hider Health & Vitality's vision is to create a healthy community, educating people on living healthier lifestyles with a focus on holistic treatment. 


Naturopathy is a traditional form of natural medicine which looks at treating the cause of the disease, rather than simply masking the symptoms. By eliminating the cause of disease, we eliminate the presenting symptoms and encourage optimal health within the body.  


At Hider Health & Vitality we focus on looking at the person as a whole - taking a holistic approach to treatment. Treatment may include herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, as well as diet and lifestyle advice.

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